My second novel has been released!  Those are  words that I never expected to write.   Anyway... Soul Hostage is
the  story of two small-time criminal that take an old man hostage during a  robbery.  The first impression of the old
man as a feeble drunk certainly proves to be wrong as the captors soon find their world turned upside down.  Thanks
to Merry Widow for offering this comment:   The plot twists are enthralling and numerous. One can't help but want to read 
more! I am unsure what genre to attribute this marvelous work. It is definitely a thriller filled with suspense, but it also
 has horror components. His works   are evocative of Stephen King, with overtones of H.P. Lovecraft and a sprinkling
of Steinbeck. 
Besides being an incredible ego booster, the comment points out what might be a problem with the novel; it
does not fit neatly into one genre or style.
The question:  When choosing a book to read, are you more attracted to books that are easily placed within a genre and so let you know precisely what to expect, or would you rather have a book that surprises you?